by Volker Weber

Apple sold 5.7 million tablets in the U.S. last quarter, court documents show. Samsung sold 37,000

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The low (compared to Apple) sales figures for their smartphones is also remarkable. Haven't those marketshare reporting companies reported that Samsung is leading worldwide?

That doesn't mean that it made 98% of its tablet sales outside of the US, but it looks like the majority of smartphones sales happen outside of the US.

Sebastian Herp, 2012-08-10

This reeks of risk mitigation. If Samsung lose, then it's damages on the scale of 37,000 device not the millions of devices that are (most likely) floating around out there. The only way to tell is to subpoena manufacture and delivery records from Samsung.

Giulio Campobassi, 2012-08-11

Maybe the 37,000 where "in thousands" and some journalist didn't get it right. Would not have been happened the first time. :)

Thomas Langel, 2012-08-11

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