WhatsApp returns to Windows Phone

by Volker Weber

WhatsApp version 2.8 is back in Marketplace.  No changelog  has been provided, but the app is noted to have visual improvements, including many new animations.

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Whatsapp is an under-appreciated app, whatever platform you choose to run it on. I only discovered it after spending a lot of time in Spain recently. It is very popular here (Spain) because SMS texting is quite expensive and so many people have very little money (>20% unemployment).

It has some neat features, like being able to set up groups of users, which any member can use to broadcast to the others. Great for things like: "we're off to the beach - anyone want to meet up in an hour at.... " :-)

John Keys, 2012-08-12

I am hardly sending any classic and. We are always joking, when somebody gets a vintage, expensive reeeaaal sms.

Actually, not very often ;-)

There are reliability issues, however. But you get what you pay for...

Hubert Stettner, 2012-08-13

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