Send Growl notifications to Mountain Lion Notification Center

by Volker Weber

Hiss is an OSX app that forwards notifications from Growl enabled apps to Notification Center in Mountain Lion.

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So you've installed Mountain Lion with the all new Notification Center. Good for you! But what's this? All those old Growl notifications mixed with the shiny and new. Doesn't seem right, eh?

Enter Mountain Growl: Other solutions like Hiss are okay, but a actually a weird hack with a lot of down sides. So while waiting for Growl 2 (which hopefully will support the Notification Center) why not use the current Growl with a plugin that does the necessary. All as a 1st class citizen in Growl.

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Use it since day one and it's fine. Unfortunately cover art of the Sonos growl notification doesn't make it thru to the notification. But anyhow, it's fine.

Bodo Menke, 2012-08-20

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