IBM is almost done

by Volker Weber


In January 2013, we're joining two 'places' - long-standing Lotusphere and last year's Connect conferences - and making them one.

Dog and tail are switching places. Lotusphere is the 19 year champion of IBM conferences, Connect was tacked on for "Social Business". Everybody could see this coming, no big deal. Now there is only one task left: find a new name for Lotus Notes.

I see "I am at Lotusphere" t-shirts in my future.


Who designs their logos? Is it just me, or does it look like....Oh never mind

Bob Balaban, 2012-08-27

Well, it took a while... ;)

Claus Böhmer, 2012-08-27

I would by the "I am at Lotusphere" shirt without hesitation...

Luis Guirigay, 2012-08-27

They could just change it to "Notes by IBM".

Adam Osborne, 2012-08-28

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