This is how it works

by Volker Weber

I have heard so much hyperbole about the Notes 9 posting, that I think I need to explain how this sort of thing comes along. Here is what happens:

  1. Somebody sends me great news.
  2. Since I don't believe in miracles, I check what the chances are that the information is correct.
  3. When I deem the information to be correct, I ask the source whether there is a problem if I proceed. Only after that I post the information.
  4. When I find ambiguities later, I slipstream details in.
  5. When I find inaccuracies, I correct my mistakes with an Update amendment.

And that's all there is. No politics, no tactics. Just my view of the world. Your view may be different. Just do not assume either one of us is right.

On a more personal note: By all means sling shit. Just don’t expect me to sling it back.


well the fuzz was proberly that the design partners didnt get the 4 extra clicks on their blog with a mention 9.0

But at least people outside of planetlotus knows that a new version is on its way so a win / win for everyone

Flemming Riis, 2012-10-12

The best way to drive self important people nuts is to completely ignore them.

Volker Weber, 2012-10-13

Oh and from a product perspective. Lotus/IBM should be acutely aware of what is worse than being talked about.

Paul Mooney, 2012-10-13

I have zero complaints from IBM. A few tongue-in-cheek comments along the lines that they were wondering what took me so long, but that's it.

Volker Weber, 2012-10-13

The only real reason IBM would have to be peeved is if it was going to be a major announcement at Connect-o-sphere. I did something bad a few years ago - I demoed a Notes daily build which contained a feature which was 50/50 going to be in the product... and then someone blogged about, and I had to admit it to Ed Brill (who politely explained the error of my ways to me). I think someone did worse in the years after this - we used to have access to a Notes database showing stuff that was being worked on (mock-ups, screenshots... Notes fans would have sold their grandmothers to see it) but after some leaks the access was pulled.

I don't know the full story of the fall-out around this episode, but sounds like someone bound by an NDA leaked some news which Volker then reported, being unaware of the supposed confidentiality. I think the witch-hunt that followed was rather over-the-top, and whoever broke the NDA was the main culprit. Of course, it's the people who are party to the info but have done nothing wrong who end up being punished, as IBM will be loathe to share so more info with anyone in the future. It was just a little bit amusing to sit on the sidelines and watch it happen.

Darren Adams, 2012-10-13

There is nothing that would prevent a major announcement at Connect-o-sphere (like that name). All of the features were present in roadmaps, some where announced at Lotusphere 2012. The only surprise is that IBM finally completes the rebranding and does not chicken out with a "8.5.4 Mumble mumble muble edition". And that is quite a good surprise. It shows they haven't given up all hope.

Volker Weber, 2012-10-14

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