Squeezebox discontinued

by Volker Weber


The Squeezebox is a discontinued network music player from Logitech

I did not get the press release. Looks like I moved all my friends to Sonos in time.


Now I am really happy that I didn't buy one. I seriously considered it, but user reports about various drawbacks that the proprietary formats and protocols brought with them kept me from the investment. Looks like I am saving up for a Sonos player now. :)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2012-10-19

Yep, all removed from their web site when I checked about two weeks ago. Very sad.
I dont understand reports about "proprietary format". It is a non-standard protocol but open source and supports lots of formats: "Logitech Media Server is open source software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License."
My setup includes the media server on a QNAP NAS, iPeng as a terrific & beautiful controller for iPod, iPhone and iPad (H/t to "Coolio") and as player on those devices, Squeezeslave (open source) on Mac and Linux computers and - last but not least - Logitech Squeezebox Receiver connected to my stereo.
It works like a charm for € 150,- in total. Admittedly not so great business for Logitech. Still very popular on eBay. You can not get any Logitech Receiver but need to buy the Duet instead. Fairly pricy.
If you move over to Sonos, please send any Receiver my side. Oh, I should not have mentioned eBay. ;-)

Michael Friess, 2012-10-19

Life is too short to buy cheap.

Volker Weber, 2012-10-19

It's a pity. From the SLIMP3 through to the Radio and Boombox, these were groundbreaking devices. Open source server -- SQLite or MySQL & perl. Very open hackable software on the devices too -- linux, lua. My "big stereo" still runs this; SqueezeServer with my C#/perl DSP room-correction plugin, to a Transporter, to some nice amps. Sound quality is better than all but two systems I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot).

But after the Logitech acquisition, things went downhill steadily. Unfinished user interfaces. Flaky networking, sometimes. Crappy support. Upgrades with API breaks. Oh well...

Hugh Pyle, 2012-10-19

Afaik, there never was an official press release. At IFA, the only new product announced was the "smart" radio in the new UE line, a non-backwards compatible architecture.
Really shows Logitechs attitude towards their own Slimdevices product line, they should have sticked with keyboards, mice and webcams.
I always loved the fluorescent display on the Squeezebox Classic, this was a unique product and a good match to a stereo set. When that was replaced by the Squeezebox Touch, I feared the day my SB3 would break...

Martin Engel, 2012-10-21

That kind of explains why one of my favorite electronics dealer around here just put them on sale right now...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2012-10-22

The Squeezebox Line is not discontinued but relaunched under the Logitech Ultimate Ears brand, now called "LOGITECH UE SMART RADIO".

Same Box, new software. And existing Squeezeboxes can be updated to the new software (currently only as a hack, but there will be an official update option).

Andreas Eldrich, 2012-10-24

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