Since all these "powersites" only link to themselves, here is the word from Nokia

by Volker Weber

Whishful thinking from the Android camp was that Nokia might be building an Android phone, since they were about to hire one guy. Come on, people. Get a life. It's only a phone.


Auf meinem iPad 3 hat es schon alle anderen maps abgelöst.
Mit iOS war das googlemaps was jetzt HEREmaps für mich ist.

Werner Motzet, 2012-12-02

Echt? Ich finde das nicht sehr überzeugend. Auf WP8 und Symbian ja, aber nicht auf iOS.

Volker Weber, 2012-12-02

After you mentioned NOK stock on G+ in October I bought some, just out of curiosity. Plus 20% since then, not bad.

To make that 120% just one thought: what should Nokia cannibalize? Probably not iOS, probably not Blackberry OS nor 10. Do you see something else worth mentioning other than Android?

P.S.: cant get that href thing to work any longer, at least not in preview: here is the mentioned post:

Robert Dahlem, 2012-12-03

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