What a cool idea: a small demonstration

by Volker Weber


Brilliant!! That will sell some Windows 8.

Bill Dorge, 2012-12-19

Not sure it sells. But it's great fun anyway.

Volker Weber, 2012-12-19

Maybe those kids can get with the kid in this video and show him how intuitive it is.


Phil Salm, 2012-12-19

Excellent ad - nevertheless I won't buy ... But a nice chance to say Thank you Vowe for much interesting stuff broadcasted to "us" in 2012! Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute zum neuen Jahr!

Stephan Perthes , 2012-12-19

Hätte ich Microsoft gar nicht zugetraut.

Thomas Lang, 2012-12-19

I wouldn't write MS off just yet :-)

It might seem a silly advert but the CEO will be thinking that all of his team will be able to use these simple devices.

Then he will say so to the CIO and the CIO will breath a sigh of relief that he doesn't need to deal with integrating iOS devices into his infrastructure and support teams.

And guess what, MS already has the sales teams focused and in place to exploit that opportunity.

Sean Cull, 2012-12-19

for me a example how important it is to approach this with fresh eyes. Kids are not occupied with what we are used to and that is what makes the clip so good.

I have not looked at Windows 8 in detail yet, but I recall very well when I came from a C64 and its command line and played first time with a mouse on a friends Atari ST. That was difficult in the first place, but we all got quickly got used to it. DOS on a PC felt quaint again, even though the first versions of Windows were terrible. And we moved on in that paradigm through the iterations up to Windows 7. Maybe it is time now again for a major change?

You will need to forget a lot of what you are conditioned to since 25 years with PCs and the many years with Windows in its different versions. Backward compatibility forever? Now you may achieve the same objectives in a total different way - and be even more productive if you are willing to throw old habits away. And this may also require different tools - just because we know what we have (and try to protect the investment), who says that this is still the right stuff to do the job?

Armin Auth, 2012-12-19

Brilliant ad. Armin, I agree, probably our many years of experience are no help here.

Hubert Stettner, 2012-12-20

People with kids in that age of course do know this from home.

Oliver Regelmann, 2012-12-20

A lot of web journalists, and news sites like the BBC, have done their best to convince everyone that the removal of the start button from Windows 8 is the end of the world as we know it and that it will be confusing and impossible to work with. Let the people decide.

As far as I recall, everyone I've spoken to (not Microsoft employees but customers) like the change. One of my colleagues does a great quick demo, spinning a story about him having to act as tech support for his parents. He asks the question, where do you find the option to change what happens when you close the lid of the laptop? Someone will usually say "errr, somewhere in the control panel". So, he goes to the start screen, types 'lid' and selects Settings. And what appears is the option to 'Change what closing the lid does'... which leads straight to Control Panel > Power Options > System Settings.

Darren Adams, 2012-12-20

That is basically how I found the hidden update from Office preview to the final release. It was an optional update. And there is no path to get to optional updates from Metro or the desktop. You need to use the search function.

I see your point, but it's still a painful one.

Volker Weber, 2012-12-20

That’s excellent. Well done MS Portugal :-)

Ben Poole, 2012-12-20

Brilliant. What it shows, simply is: If you train a kid long enough how to make that demo, adults will listen stunningly to that demo, but still haven't learned how to use the product. Thus: it's a video about a funny kid (hidden camera) and not about how easy to use the product could be.

Andreas Imnitzer, 2012-12-20

Andreas, (a) this is an ad. (b) Kids learn faster than adults - way faster. (c) You lack empathy.

Volker Weber, 2012-12-20

ad (a) you are right, I see it the same way, (b) I know from my own three, "long enough" could easily have been a few minutes, the youngling look brilliant in his demo, and (c) Sure, that's why my kids love me ;-)

Andreas Imnitzer, 2012-12-20

Volker - thanks for the musical flash mob videos you've provide this year. Don't suppose you could put up a folder/link to just those? Have a good Christmas and New Year.

skip brandon, 2012-12-20

I especially like the part where he gets his other coworkers in the end. That was really brilliant.

Michael E Kobrowski, 2012-12-21

Nice ad, but the product is still flawed. Everytime I have to use it I am still relieved afterwards when I can get back to my Win7/OpenSuse/RedHat/Ubuntu systems.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2012-12-23

I remember one of David Barnes' presentations of OS/2 in which he was using the same kind of story. That was back in 1992.
Four years and a lot of funny ads later IBM pulled the plug ...

Jan Lauer, 2012-12-24

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