Reminder. From the past.

by Volker Weber

Somebody sent me an email today about a program I had released as "postcardware" more than 20 years ago. He had been using it since 1991.

Postcardware meant you had to send me a postcard if you liked the program. This all started before Tim Berners-Lee set up the first website. I received hundreds if not thousands of postcards over the early years.

My program would run on Windows 3.0 and newer, until Windows stopped running 16-bit apps. Game over. Plus, the functionality of reminding you about important things like birthdays and anniversaries is now part of everything from calendars to Facebook.

But it was so cool to hear from somebody who had not moved on and was still running my old program.


Now you know what it is like to work for IBM.



Luke Kolin, 2012-12-28

Still getting postcards?

Volker Weber, 2012-12-28

Volker, what sort of program? What did the program do? Or: What does it? In what language did you write it? Tell us mor about this 16bit thingy…

And: Happy new year!


Martin Kautz, 2012-12-28

Ist das lange her. Mein Gott

Thomas Köster, 2012-12-28

I have been using your program form windows 3.0, windows 95, 98 Millenium, Vista and now windows 8.
And it still preform great!!!!


francis slegers, 2013-01-12

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