Jive Software and PwC Team to Deliver Social Business Solutions to the Enterprise

by Volker Weber

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:JIVE), and PwC US today announced a business relationship to jointly offer Jive's social business platform and PwC's consulting services to the enterprise market. Through this relationship, PwC will work with Jive to help organizations implement and realize the benefits of using Jive's social business tools, helping drive significant levels of new value with tangible business results for an organization's employees, partners and customers.

This is two days old, but the Globenewswire site was too shaky to post.

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I attended jive's sales conference last week and heard pwc talk about this from their point of view. Even my cynical german self noted that there is some substance to this. The one thing that jive usually gets right is that they tie their projects to business processes reasonably well. Something IBM just doesn't seem to get when they talk about business being "social", and then talk about features and functions for hours on end. Turning their implementations into IT research projects. This is where their strong relationship with iIT actually hurts them in my opinion.

Full disclosure: I earn my living building products on top of jive and connections.

Nils Heuer, 2013-01-22

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