'Rogue clouds' giving IT staffs nightmares

by Volker Weber

Cloud computing is increasingly being adopted by companies around the world, but IT managers say "rogue cloud implementations" in which business managers sign up for services without getting IT approval is among their biggest challenges.

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"Rouge cloud"? I prefer to call it "don't ask, don't tell".

Scott Hanson, 2013-01-18

Nothing new about that - back in the 80's business managers started using PCs to bypass the IT department and develop their own apps. Its been going on ever since. The wish for freedom remains, only the tools to achieve it get updated!

John Keys, 2013-01-18

same old problem, its the reason that access db are so common or why excel spreadsheets get so complex, IT fail the business and let them down so the business dosent bother asking any more

Mark Myers, 2013-01-21

No good deed goes unpunished. Here the good deed is "protecting the user from harm created by meeting their demands"

Stephan H. Wissel, 2013-01-21

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