Lumia 1720

by Volker Weber

Lumia 800 on top of Lumia 920. 800 + 920 = 1720.

Just updated some of the apps on the Lumia 800. What a cool little smartphone that is. I have already upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8, so the software look similar to the 920. However, there are huge differences. The 920 has a much better screen and camera. Maps can't use the Drive maps offline and Skype won't run in the background. But the hardware itself is much smaller and lighter, and it even feels better with the seamless screen. Smooth.


They seemed to have improved the battery life on the 920, although of course you could argue the battery is probably bigger. I took mine off charge on Sunday morning (about 50 hours ago) and I still have 24% left. Admittedly working at home I won't have been using it as much as a working day out, but it's been turned on, and receiving e-mail, Facebook / Twitter updates, news and various live tile content.

Darren Adams, 2013-01-22

Yes, battery life is much better. I do charge it all the time though through wireless charging.

Volker Weber, 2013-01-22

Hm, would like to have that one with WP8 software.
I don't like phones with a screen bigger than 4".

Sascha Westphal, 2013-01-22

That Windows Phone 7.8 release was a pretty silent thing or do you have other sources? Or was I sleeping? Could well be...

Frank Quednau, 2013-01-22

Yes, I have other sources. Coming at the end of January.

Volker Weber, 2013-01-22

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