Things to do in Amsterdam on a Monday

by Volker Weber

On the first Monday in February I shall be flying to Amsterdam in the morning to attend BlackBerry Jam Europe which starts the next day. So I have at least half a day to roam Amsterdam. What should I be doing in the winter? Any suggestions?


Foam's photography museum in the Keizergracht 609 is very nice. Just get a coffee or spend half a day. And don't forget to grab a few issuses of their excellent magazine.

Haiko Hebig, 2013-01-23

The flower auction in Aalsmeer is close to the airport if you haven't been before.

I haven't been yet but the NY Times did a write up on the Stedelijk Museum last month.

Richard van Geilswyk, 2013-01-23

Stedelijk, bath tub shaped -- speaking of water, there also is the EYE, a brand new film museum located right at the waterfront:

But what I found most interesting last time there wasn't visiting a specific building, but walking along the waterfront from the central station to the Tasmanstraat waterferry station - there are so many construction activities going on on both watersides, it's like watching the a whole city getting rebuild.

Haiko Hebig, 2013-01-23

To collect ideas for travelling I discovered KLM Must See Maps. Nice idea to use friends to fill in your travel map

Marco Schirmer, 2013-01-23

Visit the Anne Frank Museum?
Take a trip on the canals?

John Keys, 2013-01-23

For creepy chills: The Resistance Museum

I'll never forget the map with the little black dots. The next map's dots might be me, or you, or that guy over there.

Meat: Cafe de Klos, just google it.

Joerg Michael, 2013-01-24

Just rent a bike and take a ride. It's such a beautiful city.

Take a tour around this area:
Go to Vondelpark and the museums just close by.

Nils Halvorsen, 2013-01-24

I time, the Van Gogh Museum - also close to Rijksmuseum, and as Nils says - near the Vondelpark too.

Steve Cogan, 2013-01-24

Would just have a hotel to recommend. citizen M.
see you first in Orlando, maybe

Frank Sonder, 2013-01-24

Would just have a hotel to recommend. citizen M directly at the airport.
see you first in Orlando, maybe

Frank Sonder, 2013-01-24

Van Gogh Museum! Erst Bilder seiner holländische Phase im Erdgeschoß und dann geht man nach oben und bekommt den gleichen Farbflash, den er auch bekommen hat, als er nach Südfrankreich gezogen ist. Ein Museumsbesuch, der mir ewig in Erinnerung bleibt!

Jürgen Keller, 2013-01-25

Sehr gut. Da war ich vor Jahren schon und seit dieser Zeit hat er nichts neues mehr gemalt.

Volker Weber, 2013-01-25

Schau im Belkin Office vorbei

Karsten Kunert, 2013-01-25

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