Sonos 4.0 has landed

by Volker Weber

Sonos 4.0 has landed. It brings three major changes to the controller:

  1. There is a new feature called Sonos Favorites. It lets you bookmark anything you like. New albums you purchased, radio stations, tracks from Spotify. Everything you have on heavy rotation in one place.
  2. The Android controller now has widgets. This means direct access to your zones. See above. No more switching around rooms. This is very convenient.
  3. iPhone 5 resolution. Finally.

No, we are not done yet for today.


> No, we are not done yet for today.


My credit card is ready.

Stefan Tilkov, 2013-02-12

\o/ und ich fragte / frage mich schon, was es wohl mit der "nicht alles Weihnachtsgeld ausgeben"-Aufforderung auf sich hatte ...

Andreas Braukmann, 2013-02-12

Here's hoping for surround sound so I can buy myself a set :o)

Ursus Schneider, 2013-02-12

Eine TV soundbar, die sich drahtlos auf ein 5.1 system aufrüsten lassen würde wäre nett :)

mariano kamp, 2013-02-12

Mario: second that :o)

Ursus Schneider, 2013-02-12

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