A tragic day in Florida

by Volker Weber

If you followed the Connect-o-sphere coverage in the blogs, you may have noticed that this year was less cheerful than previous years. And it had nothing to do with IBM. It was all about a person being missed.

On Sunday, a day beautiful as it can be in Florida, a group of riders started their second day of the Annual Hog Ride. One of them did not return that day. When changing lanes on a highway overpass, he lost control of his Electra Glide, was thrown off the bike and fell off the overpass, 30 feet to the highway below him. Although he was in full gear with helmet on, he was killed immediately.

The accident is well documented since some of the riders were wearing helmet cams. Nobody was at fault. It was a bad combination of circumstances. And yet, those riders who were at the scene, would love to erase these seconds from their memory. But as it is with all bad things that happen to you in life, they are coming back to haunt you. The only way to deal with them is to find a place where to keep them. They are teaching you a lesson:

Go and hug your friends and family right now.

Requiescat in pace, Kenneth Kjærbye.

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