No 23: to air is not human

by Volker Weber


Like Mike, if i could be like Mike :-)

Mark Elgar, 2013-02-22

There are people in search of excellence, .... he found it.

Kristian Raue, 2013-02-22

If only the quality of the video was as good as the skills on show...

Stuart McIntyre, 2013-02-22

See all of us who live in Highland Park are this talented on the court :-)
(Ref: )

Ed Brill, 2013-02-22

Nice neighborhood. :-)

Volker Weber, 2013-02-22

I was pretty sure "The Shrug" would make it onto the list... it was just a matter of where. #5 seems fair. :)

Thomas Duff, 2013-02-23

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