And the winner is: iPad mini

by Volker Weber

With four tablets in the house, the iPad mini wins hands down against the iPad, the Playbook and the Nexus 7. That's for her. She isn't interested in specs. She uses what works best for her. And it's not even a competition.

For me it's still the big iPad, since I can use it to get work done. It has 3G, I have the Logitech Ultraslim keyboard. But it's already fighting against the Lenovo Yoga. If I can carry a bag, why not have a keyboard attached to the tablet, which lets me work on my lap?


Which brings us to... why had been netbook killed?

Gregor Jeromen, 2013-02-25

I'm still using my netbook for the "serious stuff".

I had a big iPad for a while, and also a keyboard case for it, but it just never really made it to the point, where it could replace the netbook.

I have added an iPad Mini to my arsenal, and unlike to the full size iPad, the Mini hits the mark in portability in a much different way, making it a lot more focused than the full size, which - in my hands - were trying to do too much all at the same time.

The Mini fits my need for portability and ease of use for a number of things, and I'm trying hard to keep it uncluttered, so it won't slip into the same abyss as the full size iPad.

So I still need more than one device, but the Mini and a netbook is a better combo than any other I've tried so far.

Lars Olufsen, 2013-02-26

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