Update your Voyager headsets

by Volker Weber

I wanted to use the BT300 that came with the Voyager Pro UC with the newer Voyager legend, and Plantronics recommends a firmware update. So I went to MyHeadset Updater (works only on Windows) and updated BC300 and both headsets.

I don't have a change log, but bigger numbers are better, right?


Well, that doesn't work for me. No Windows machines in this household.

Pierre Smits, 2013-03-04

Well, maybe you have friends.

Volker Weber, 2013-03-04

Does not work in a WIndows VM ...

Otto Foerg, 2013-03-04

Don't tell my VM.

Volker Weber, 2013-03-05

Beim Updateversuch hat Parallel die virtuelle Windows8-Partition zerstört. Künftig also wieder ohne Windows unterwegs - und ohne Update fürS Voyager

Christian Just, 2013-03-05

Its not that easy ... If after the installation of the MyHeadSet Updater the update procedure hangs in an endless loop close the browser and start the update program from your \programs\Plantronics folder with administrative rights. This brings you back to the same Plantronics website you have been before - but now it works. This is not the level of quality we are used from Plantronics ...

Otto Foerg, 2013-03-06

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