Meaningful innovation

by Volker Weber

The Lumia does not have Instagram, or Instacrap, as I like to call it. That's a big deal for a lot of people. I am not one of them.

Meaningful innovation is a big deal for me. For instance the image and audio quality the Lumia 920 produces. Only ten months ago I first experienced this quality in the 808 PureView. And the 920 has similar capabilities. It lets me record videos without effort. Videos that are good enough to be used professionally. That's only the 920. No rig, no tripod, no steadycam, no microphone. Just the "phone".

And that's a big deal.


There are 4 phones on the dolly in all those views but they only show 3 for comparison. Also would have been nice if they gave a better baseline audio coming from a professional recorder so we could hear differences rather then just between the individual phones.

Bryan McDade, 2013-03-14

Hardly to hear a difference on internal Lenovo speakers (ca. 2005) - a huge difference with proper Audio output

Stephan H. Wissel, 2013-03-15

Isn't there a green Nokia N8 on the dolly as well?

Marc Patermann, 2013-03-15

None of their Lumia devices attracted me. Windows Phone is not made for me either.

But great picture quality combined with rich recording is: WOW!

The rebirth of Nokia?

Jan Lauer, 2013-03-16

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