The history of the mobile phone is quite different

by Volker Weber

The history of the mobile phone is not the history of Sidekick, Treo and BlackBerry. It is the history of the devices that actually pulled South America, Africa and Asia into the mobile revolution. That is “Our World.”

It's like sports, where a 'World Series' would require inviting people from other countries.

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Hey, we let Canada play in the World Series. Though there ARE some people who don't think Canada is really a separate country from the US.

There, I think I've managed to offend just about everyone in 2 sentences...

Rob McDonagh, 2013-04-04

Oh come on.... you can't fool us ...... you knew any article about something some important and actually developed in America would "realign history" just a little.

For me personally - the most influential phone would be the Nokia 2140. My first mobile which I still have in a drawer somewhere.

Ian Bradbury, 2013-04-04

Siemens S25 (irda modem)
Psion Revo (ok, no gsm, but irda connection to phone)
Nokia Communicator 9210, first color communicator
Sony Ericsson t68i (erstes isync-Handy, Bluetooth, Farbdisplay)
Nokia 7650 - first cameraphone, s60
Nokia N95
Mozorola Razr V3
Samsung Galaxy S
htc desire
Nokia 808 pureview (camera!)
Lumia 800

some of my personal favourites through history of mobiles

Christian Just, 2013-04-04

Hab hier noch so ein Siemens S4 rumliegen, mein erstes eigenes Mobile. von meinem Vater irgendwo noch ein Panasonic, so ein Kofferteil :-)
Dann natürlich die SonyEricsson T Modelle: unschlagbare Akkuzeiten, teilweise Wochen! mit dem fetten Akku 3 Tage durchtelefonieren.
ah, those where the days, nur Telefon und SMS. Und da es noch Funklöcher gab, war man auch mal nicht erreichbar und keinen hats gestört.

Chris Frei, 2013-04-05

word! And the long version is on TED:

Kai Nehm, 2013-04-05

Wait. What? It wasn't a Scot that invented the mobile phone? We invented everything else of note. :-)

John Lindsay, 2013-04-05

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