Lumia 920 on Vodafone LTE

by Volker Weber


For years I have been testing all smartphones with 3.5G on O2. My SIM would not allow anything more than HSPA+. Now I dropped a Vodafone SIM with LTE provisioning into the Lumia 920. I already tried that in February with the BlackBerry Z10 in Munich. Since then Vodafone has rolled out LTE over Germany's major cities.

The difference is as striking as going from 2G to 3G. I understand there are still some issues with VoLTE, but for data, you can't beat it.


I'm very impressed with the connection speeds reported by this stuff, but is it realistic to expect that you will enjoy these sort of speeds once the migration to LTE has occurred for the majority of smartphone users? I'm reminded of the potential of a the London rush hour :)

Has the 'after the mast' infrastructure really been upgraded to support these connection layer speeds?

John Ash, 2013-04-15

John, if you could enjoy a sustained data rate of 75 Mbit/s, a data cap of 5 GB per month would be exhausted in two minutes.

Volker Weber, 2013-04-15

Volker, Ha! too true, but seriously, I wonder what the advertised:real_world throughput will be like? Especially when you consider the contention ratio.

Once there is a sizeable LTE user base, what will the real throughput be like - 1.5 X 3.5G, 3 X 3.5G?

S'funny to think that the mobile 'phone network was designed to transmit voice traffic whereas now it must be seriously skewed towards data and text. OK, so I appreciate that voice is also really data :)

John Ash, 2013-04-15

I use LTE on my Xperia Z for some time. Without a special contract, T-mobile limits LTE at 21 mbit/s. But, it-really-rocks! Network coverage is very, very good, and a simple speedtest ( measured 24 Mbit/s down- and 8Mbit upload speed.
Since there are not many LTE devices around, the mobile internet with LTE is simply awesome. Maybe its the better latency and not only the higher bandwith which lets you open every Website in a second.

Roland Dressler, 2013-04-17

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