More Breffo

by Volker Weber

I did not even mention Breffo, but I linked to them. Some people must have clicked the link, because Breffo got in touch within a few days. They offered to send me more products as samples, and who was I to turn them down? It took a while until something arrived at my door, but here we have two more products.

The spider holding the Lumia 720 looks very much like the one that I already had, but it is much smaller. Breffo has two of those spiders, the original Spiderpodium and the Spiderpodium Tablet. Both work reasonably well grabbing your smartphone or tablet with four feet and then attaching them to other structures much like a Gorillapad. While they also work as stands, I prefer other solutions there.

Breffo also sent me the quite inexpensive Earphone Tidy, but I am afraid that does not work for me at all. The idea is to run one end of the cable throuhg one end of the Tidy and then wrap the cable around the middle and attach the earphones to the other end. If I wrap the cable to loosely, it will untangle and make a big mess. The Bluelounge CableClip is easier to handle for me. I wrap the cable around four fingers and then slip it onto both sides of the CableClip.


Der BL Kabelhalter sehen nett und sehr praktisch aus. Aber die Spinne loest bei mir eine Phobie aus

Thomas Koester, 2013-04-22

Stimme dir zu Thomas. Die Spinne finde ich auch ziemlich gruselig.

Alper Iseri, 2013-04-23

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