YouTube on Nokia Lumia

by Volker Weber


Finally, a decent YouTube app. Now look at this: a download button.

And yes, you have to watch the video.


Looks, like the download button is not of much use:

"A 'download' function for each video isn't quite as exciting as it sounds - rather than performing a full download to your 'music and videos' library, it just seems to cache the video inside the YouTube client. You can't even watch it from within the client when in Flight mode later on, sadly. Surely something Microsoft should fix?"

Hubert Stettner, 2013-05-08

Ich habe kein Lumia, aber das Video ist großartig. Ich zeige es seit Jahren immer mal wieder Bekannten. Und alle bestätigen, dass es genau so ist ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2013-05-08

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