Travel Infrastructure

by Volker Weber

This is vowe's mobile home base. It needs a single power socket and it supplies power to two mobiles (Lumia 920 and Q10), one notebook (Yoga 11) and an access point. So far it has not raised any airport security eyebrows.

I carry one additional 2.1A power charger, in case a device does not charge from the 750 mA power plugs. The power strip provides an additional two USB ports, and most in-room TVs also have a USB port.

The Nokia batteries not only provide emergency power to the mobiles but they also make the travel router work everywhere. If I find an Ethernet cable, I don't need power next to it. There is one more cable not in the picture: HDMI-HDMI with HDMI-MicroHDMI adapter, so I can watch TV from the Yoga or the Q10.


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