LiveSight advances HERE maps

by Volker Weber


Mapping gets better. Google released a new version of Maps last week, and Nokia is adding LiveSight to HERE Maps. LiveSight shows you places around you. If you searched for a place, HERE Map will mark it on the map and provide navigation instructions. When you activate LiveSight, the map becomes a circle pointing in the same direction as your phone. You turn around until you are facing the right direction. As you lift the phone, the place is superimposed on the camera image.

In my tests, it has not worked flawlessly. The compass is sometimes a bit off, just enough to confuse LiveSight. It also only worked when I held the phone in portrait mode (which is natural). But I am quite sure, this will get better with each revision. Since the places database is stored on the phone with the map, this work offline as well. Since HERE is getting into indoors location, this will even help you finding a store inside a mall. Killer.



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