New luggage

by Volker Weber

I like to travel light. Which means one bag only, no checked baggage. If I have a second bag, it has to fit in the first. Phone goes into my hoodie, headset around the neck. And still I find myself with a jacket, a water bottle or an iPad that I have to carry in the other hand.

Not any more.

While I usually give away my conference bags -- Lizzie has my gym bag -- I am going to keep this one because it is pretty much perfect. I has three zipped pocket on the front. One is to keep small items like the transparent bag with your liquids and gels that you have to show airport security or your Kindle, your passport, your tickets. Then there is a larger zipper that gives you access to a meshed compartment inside the suitcase. Both are open in the left picture. The third one opens a smaller pocket in the lid, perfect for newspapers.


The right picture shows you the inside of the suitcase. To the right is the top with the mesh compartment. and the smaller pocket. On the left you see a sleeve that can be accessed through the right side of the suitcase. This would hold your notebook. Hidden by that sleeve is the lower part of the suitcase where you can store clothes. Four straps hold your clothes in place. And finally, below the sleeve, there is space for power supplies and heavier items that should be at the bottom near the wheels.

Say hello to my new wheeled carry-on.


I hate the drama that happens every time when all the business-clowns try to find a place in the compartments for their baggage... pushing the stuff of other passengers etc.. Wish that the airlines would ban this. Just take the 10 minutes and check-in your baggage as it is supposed.

Petra Günsel, 2013-05-22

Trust me, this thing fits in the compartment with one push. Wheels first. Two seconds max. How fast are you?

Checked bags are for girls with too many shoes, families with infants who don't know where they are, and people who need more than 20 lbs of their stuff.

Or for people who have to wear more than one suit.

Volker Weber, 2013-05-22

@Petra - I agree if its bags that obviously should be checked in. But if they are regulation "carry on" size I always take with me. 10 minutes to check in. Possibly 30 minutes waiting at the other end to collect them. If you fly much, this becomes a very large pain. If you fly long haul much, the chances of delayed / lost luggage ruining your trip increase dramatically.

Paul Mooney, 2013-05-23

Wheels doesn't work for me. I need backbags or sling bags. My choice was the Crumpler Light Delight Weekender. Perfect size, slings, enough pockets, no need to check in. But I also travel very light.

Tobias Mueller, 2013-05-23

thanks for the gym bag Volker!! it's perfectly sized. :-)
As for luggage on planes in overhead lockers, it's far more annoying that people stand in the aisles for ages trying to fit their luggage in, honestly I think it's a minor miracle that so many people and so much stuff fits into a small metal bird. Think of this when you are next in a departure lounge. People and luggage tetris.

Lizzie Hancock, 2013-05-27

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