by Volker Weber

I had a few minutes with the Lumia 925. And I want one. It's a 920 in a slim body with a few changes. The camera gets an additional lens, you lose wireless charging, which you can add with an optional backplate. It may have less memory (16 instead of 32 GB), depending on SKU. It is a lot lighter and slimmer, it's partially aluminium (or aluminum for the US market).

While I like the slim body, I don't like the trade-offs with memory and wireless charging. And I prefer the 920 design. I understand that wireless charging is an feature not many people use, so it makes sense to make it an option.

Why do I want one? The camera. I want the best camera on the market. And that is the Lumia 925. Having said that, I will make the bold statement, that I will want an ever better one before the year is out.


Genau. Ich bin auch sehr heiss auf das 925, denke aber, ich nehme lieber später im Jahr einen anderen Knaller von Nokia :)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-05-30

an ever better one before the year is out: Something like a 5S ? (Hopefully)

Ludwig Deruyck, 2013-05-31

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