Sh!t happens at this company

by Volker Weber

On June 14, 2013, it came to the attention of the authorized officers of the Company that an incorrect version of the Company's audited financial statements which contained several typographical errors due to data processing and ministerial difficulties was inadvertently included in the Original Filing and therefore, determined that such financial statements contained in the Original Filing should not be relied upon. The Company will promptly file Amendment No. 1 to the Form 10-K containing the correct version of the audited financial statements. The Company's authorized officers have discussed with the Company's Board of Directors and independent accountant the matters disclosed in this Form 8-K.

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Ben Poole, 2013-06-17

I didn't even have to hover over the "More" link to know which company that is ....

Joerg Michael, 2013-06-17

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