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by Volker Weber

We're a Nitix partner and got abandoned by IBM. But, still keep using Lotus Foundation Start at our office.

Recently we faced some issue with Expired Lotus Notes Id. Can you please suggest, if you can, how to recertify an expired Lotus Notes ID.

Whenever we try to connect to Lotus Foundations Server using Lotus Notes 8.5 client, upon login using username/password we get this error: Server Error: Your Certificate has expired.

For Lotus Domino extensive documentation is available telling how to recertify an expired Lotus Notes ID. But there does not seem to be any documentation on Lotus Foundations site/wiki telling us how to recertify an expired Lotus Notes ID. We are using Lotus Foundations Start 1.1.x Any help would be appreciated.


I think resetting the system clock via NTP should work.

Vince Schuurman, 2013-06-22

Does Foundations come with an Notes Admin Client? If yes: use the Admin Client to certify the id directly. If not: get an Admin Client and certify the id directly.

Time traveling mail servers of any brand are a bad idea.

Max Nierbauer, 2013-06-22

Oups. It looks it might be difficult to get the required for that...

Max Nierbauer, 2013-06-22

Lotus Foundations Start (LFS) does not include Notes Admin Client. It includes only Notes Client.

Even if we get one from somewhere it won't work because LFS does not reveal Certifier id, and how the entire thing is set-up. And in our case, all Notes IDs have expired, including root and admin a/c ids. Last one expired on 3-Jan-2011.

There is webadmin client in LFS but it sorely misses the 'Certify' part under Configuration-Tools-Registration. It has Person and Server entries only. This tool is accessed via

Rajesh Kothari, 2013-06-24

So, you've used the web clients only and now found that the Notes clients don't work anymore? Or is this a legacy system and you want to extract some data?

To extract some data, time travel might be a viable option.

To properly recertify the environment you'll need to find a way to get to the certifier id. You'll also need a working admin id with the right to update the person documents. And you'll need the user id's you want to recertify with passwords.

Max Nierbauer, 2013-06-24

Uugh - you *could* create a new directory and set of id files, then replace them all. It's nasty, but would work if you have not used encryption anywhere.

Paul Mooney, 2013-06-25

You can find the in the following folder

LF Start needs to be running for folder to be accessible.


Donald Martin, 2013-06-26

@Max Nierbauer:

So, you've used the web clients only and now found that the Notes clients don't work anymore?


I know the process of using certifier id to be used to recertify user ids etc. But in Lotus Foundations, all this complexities are not supposed to be there. I wonder how other LFS users are handling this situation. Problem is that we are using this LFS server in our office and its working well.

@Paul Mooney: How do I create new directory and set of id files without admin client and without non-expired admin id?

@Donald Martin: I did find dated 18-Nov-2008 (size 3kb). Also, there is another file dated 8-Sep-2000 (size 2 kb). What next? Please know that I don't have admin client.

Rajesh Kothari, 2013-07-31

@Paul Mooney: We have not used encryption anywhere. We use web clients only. But, would occasionally like to use Notes client.

Rajesh Kothari, 2013-07-31

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