Migration from Google Reader completed

by Volker Weber

I have moved my news reading from iPad to Surface RT and Lumia a while ago. NextGen Reader is my choice of app on both platforms. Feedly support for Windows Phone became available this weekend, and on Windows RT and Windows 8 it came out of beta today. If Reeder on iPhone, iPad and Mac starts supporting Feedly in the future, it might win me back. For now I am happy camper.

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Same here. The only issue might be speed - the feedly cloud seems to be more under pressure than googles backend. But this might get better. I would be happy to pay for it, BTW.
I am glad to have now moved the last google service I was actively using away. No more Google day-to-day for me.

Hubert Stettner, 2013-06-25

Any opinions to offer on the Feedly app for iPhone? Why not use this instead of Reeder.

Andy Mell, 2013-06-25

No opinion. Reeder has always been my favorite.

Volker Weber, 2013-06-25

I love Reeder, and Press is a nice “copy” on Android (I use it on my Nexus 7). Feedly support has come to Press already, and will hopefully follow on Reeder, it’s a very good app.

Ben Poole, 2013-06-25

I loved Reeder but switched to Mr. Reader for it's possibility to switch articles just by swiping with one thumb. Since today, Mr. Reader supports Feedly. So for me, everything's back to normal again.

Henning Stoerk, 2013-06-26

Looks like Feedly support was just added to Reeder yesterday!

Andy Mell, 2013-07-04

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