Social Networks - which are you active in

by Volker Weber


Facebook, Google+, Twitter. LinkedIn and Xing. Instagram, Pinterest, Vine. 500px, Flickr, Path. There are so many social networks. Which are you active in and why?


Facebook: Mostly to read some feeds (like lokal newspaper or important firends) who have not yet discovered Google+

Google+: Most of my interests are better reflected here, less SPAM, less anoying posts of thinks I don't want to read. 80% of social media usage for me is on G+

Twitter: Used very rarely

LinkedIn / XING: Very rarely used, mostly to contact persons where I don't have the contact details available anymore or who have left their company

Pinterest: Sometimes I post some pictures related to Wine here

No other social networks used beside of this.

Peter Heck, 2013-06-26

There were too many, so I use twitter mostly and facebook occasionally. LinkedIn for work sometimes. And thats it. Nothing else compels me to use them. Nothing else offers anything that I want/need.

Paul Mooney, 2013-06-26

Path: Almost permanent, family time, posting, reading, discussing, fun.
Facebook: Sometimes, when I am board. Mostly reading what others share. Had been different a while ago.
Twitter: Occasionally, only posting for Business, sometimes searching breaking news tags.
Google+: Mostly to read what Vowe has to say.
LinkedIn: My international Adressbook
Xing: No action, no interest.
Waze: While driving with car. It's fun when friends have same destination.
Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, Highlight et al: No action

Hubertus Alvensleben, 2013-06-26

Private life: Facebook (stable; because all of my friends are there), Google+ (decreasing; because I somewhat like the Google ecosystem)
Business life: LinkedIn (increasing; all of my customers use it)
Xing (decreasing if not dead; because most of my German customers use it)

All others are not relevant to me.

Ingo Seifert, 2013-06-26

Facebook - pretty regularly a lot of my older friends and extended family are on this.
Twitter - almost never. Never really got it although I do like to know what @Suziperry is up to.
Google+ More than Twitter but not by much.

That's it although having jsut found out about Waze I may look into using it.

John Lindsay, 2013-06-26

Google+: By far the most, as I connect with so many different people all over on topics from writing to technology to photography and digital art. I like the level of interaction most.
Facebook: I use it a little because some people I know are on it, but it drives me crazy so I don't use it much.
Twitter: Mostly for broadcast and to keep up with my daughter, who is a twitterfiend.
LinkedIn: Only for contact details. Barely use it.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2013-06-26

Facebook: This is my preferred social network. I use it for keeping up with family, friends from all stages of life, and many professional colleagues. I post a mix of personal stuff, with some commentary on sports, current events or politics, and occasional items of professional interest. I comment on others posts a good bit more often than I post my own status. The only FB game I have been sucked into is Words With Friends, which amuses me.

Google+: I have an account, but I hardly ever use it. Very occasionally, I see something that I want to comment on, but I can't remember the last time I posted something on my own.

LinkedIn: I was a very early member, and still am. I use it mostly for professional contacts, but some personal and family contacts have crossed over. I don't post personal stuff or general commentary, only occasional posts of items of professional interest. I use their messaging for professional contacts when I am not sure that I have a current email address. I enjoy looking over the weekly summaries they send, with notifications of changes in employment for contacts. I have joined a number of their discussion forums on professional topics, and occasionally participate.

Twitter: I log on occasionally, and tweet infrequently. I use it primarily when I want to follow live tweets about an ongoing event or story.

Xing: I have an account, and I get weekly emails, but I haven't logged in in a long time.

Quora: Quora is a social site for questions and answers, and I participate in that. I've asked a handful of questions, and answered hundreds in a wide variety of topic areas. They have added blogs to try and make it more of a social network, but I still don't think of it as a social network.

StackOverflow: Like Quora, it's a social site but not a social network. I'm closing in on 4000 in reputation points from answering questions, almost all of which draw on my knowledge of Lotus stuff.

Richard Schwartz, 2013-06-26

Facebook: By far the most often, because the vast majority of my friends and family are there.
Twitter: occasionally if I have nothing else to do.
Google+: never, because for me it would serve same purpose as Facebook, but vast majority of my friends and family don't even have a profile, much less participate.
LinkedIn: Just for the contact/profile aspect.
None of the others do anything for me.

Rob McDonagh, 2013-06-26

Facebook: daily; Interesting information about interests
Twitter: daily; information about interests and used as a search platform for news
XING: daily (except weekends); business needs
LinkedIn: Only if I get a notification
Google+: Only if I get a notification
Instagram: Never used
Pinterest: Never used
Vine: Unknown
500px: Unknown
Flickr: Last use two years ago
Path: Never used it since installation

Rolf Kremer, 2013-06-26

Twitter -- on almost constantly

Facebook - frequent use for friends and family but increasingly for business and technical

Google+ -- jury is still out but I'm there

David Schaffer, 2013-06-26

Twitter: I use it daily, follow a lot of developers and special interests (poker).

Facebook: I dont like it anymore, but every now and then family members or close friends post nice stuff. This will not change, they will not use Google+. A few years ago, I did post personal stuff (pictures from my travels), I don't do this anymore.

Google+: I use it like Google Reader, follow a lot of interesting stuff, but nearly no personal things

Instagram: This is rising for me. Friends of mine tend to post "private" pics on instagram, not on facebook. Interesting ..

Pinterest: Dont use it, but my wife loves it and uses it on a daily bases.

Tumblr: Have an account, dont use it. Useless for me.

Hermann Behrens, 2013-06-26

Path: daily, for family and friends
Facebook: quite frequently, more reading than posting
Google+: reading regularly, sometimes posting
Twitter: just reading
Xing: I do have a profile. Use it for birthdays and other kinds of information
LinkedIn: I do have a profile
Pinterest: resting account
Flickr: resting account
Instagram: no
Vine: no
500px: no

Cornelia Sander, 2013-06-26

Daily, often: Path (Family), Twitter (News), Spotify (Music)
Daily, rare: ADN (Nerds), Facebook (Friends)
Weekly, rare: Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, Quora
Monthly, rare: Xing, LinkedIn, Google+, Kickstarter
Got an account, but never use it: Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and tons of others

Yves Luther, 2013-06-26

Twitter & Google+ on a daily base…
LinkedIn for Business (Xing some times)
Pinterest and Flickr if I need it ;-)

Joerg Hochwald, 2013-06-26

Facebook for Family, Friends, Pages - daily
Xing, LinkedIn for Contacts - almost daily
Google+ for News - daily
Stayfriends - sometimes
Twitter - rarely (I don't like it), only for special events
EULUC and other business sites - some periodically, some weekly
Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest - never
So.CL - created an account, but never used
YouTube - only if someone shares an link

Axel Laemmert, 2013-06-27

Facebook to keep in contact with friends (daily)
Linkedin to keep in contact with former work colleagues (weekly to monthly)
Picasa to post photos for friends to see (once or twice a year)
Google+ to see what else is going on (once in a blue moon)
Twitter - I used it once to complain about a company's service. Otherwise, I never use it.

John Keys, 2013-06-27

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others like them: broadcast and to surf the links posted by others, family and friends look only at Facebook if ever
IRC: work, friends and contacts that matter to me daily, it is KISS: no fuzz, just text and Information along with discussions

Olaf Baumert, 2013-06-27

Facebook - personal, private, fun stuff - semi active, network of long time friends
google+ - news, general discusions, fun stuff, lot of photographic stuff - active reading, semi active posting
linkedIn - semi active, my primary work related network
Xing - not active - collecting only, my german work related network
path - no longer in use
twitter - never
pinterest - don't know anything about it
flickr - not very active but account still alive
picasa - not active, account alive

Thomas Köster, 2013-06-28

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