Michael Hugos - What I Learned My First Day as a CIO

by Volker Weber

The most important IT projects deliver competitive advantage. They don't just save money -- they make money. They differentiate your company in the eyes of your customers in ways that make it and its products attractive, even when your company is not the lowest-cost provider. Sales people love it when that happens. So do CEOs and CFOs.

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so true

Thomas Köster, 2013-07-04

...aber auch nicht wirklich neu.

Ingo Seifert, 2013-07-04

Even better:

"My technical skills got me to CIO, but when I got there, I learned I needed to delegate much of that work to my team and focus on my relationship-building skills. Successful CIOs develop a base of support among other senior executives, and they keep their supporters happy by delivering tangible value every quarter."

Mathias Pohl, 2013-07-04

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