Back from New York

by Volker Weber


After spending two nights in a hotel bed and one night in coach on United, I have returned from New York. What a trip. Nokia announced the Lumia 1020, and all the news had leaked before the event. And still, it was worth the effort. A couple of observations:

Did I mention the Lumia 1020 rocks?


Why avoid the Ride? Thanks for the tipps. ;)

Marc Hermann, 2013-07-13


Volker Weber, 2013-07-14

T-Mobile sounds like a good tip for US trips of a week or less. Just watch out for the 90-day cancellation policy if you don't have Gold Rewards with them! :-)

Scott Hanson, 2013-07-14

Yep, Top of the Rock rocks, because you get great views of the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Darren Adams, 2013-07-15

So you got the sim-card and got it activated right away?
That's a great change in their policy!

When I went last year they could give you a SIM card but for activation you had either order a activation-kit sent by snailmail oder buy a phone with activation-kit at walmart.

Therefore I choose AT&T this year and ordered from a reseller. Worked fine but has some extra fees (understandable as they want to earn money for their service).

So if this works now with T-mobile this is a great alternative!

Harald Gaerttner, 2013-07-15

Ja, sofort vor Ort an der Theke aktiviert.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-15

Every time I have purchased SIMs abroad, i have found that by the time I have got round to visiting the country again, the SIM has expired and the number has been reallocated due to inactivity. In the UK the policy seems to be six months of inactivity before deactivation. Do these SIMs have a expiry for inactivity?

Andy Mell, 2013-07-16

I am sure they have. OTOH, I have been to the US three times this year already. I think I will be able to keep it active for a while. And if not, it's only $10 to buy a new one.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-16

Ich hatte mir den Livestream angeschaut und fand den Event tot-langweilig. Elop hat das Charisma von Rudolf Scharping und persönlich finde ich es echt übertrieben, so ein Tra-ra wegen einem Telefon mit Kamera zu machen. Das mag für ein Flaggschiff angemessen sein, aber für diesen hässlichen Brocken?

Holger Wesser, 2013-07-16

Tja, so erlebt das jeder anders.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-16

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