BlackBerry Q5

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry Q5

The BlackBerry Q5 is here. It's the cheaper version of the BlackBerry Q10. Same screen resolution, same main memory, half the storage, slightly slower CPU, lower resolution camera. The same software as the Q10 and it does just the same thing. However ...

BlackBerry Q5 & Q10

As you can see, the screen is LCD (grey) instead of AMOLED (blue). It has moved up a bit, so the logo is below instead of above the screen. The Q5 is missing the HDMI out of the Q10.

BlackBerry Q5 & Q10

On the back, the Q5 is missing the battery door. So you can neither swap nor replace the battery. Where the Q10 oozes quality with its glassweave back and steel applications, the Q5 is an all plastic design. It's not only cheaper, it also feels a lot cheaper.

BlackBerry Q10 & Q5

The Q5 does not feel nearly as nice in my hand as the Q10. This isn't only due to the materials, but also subtle differences in the shape. The Q10 (on top) is wider at the backside than the front side. The lid gives you a really good grip. The Q5 however is tapered towards the back. You have to apply a firmer grip.

BlackBerry Q10 & Q5

The corner radius of the Q5 body is smaller, and the top and bottom are straight. While the Q5 is basically a rectangle with rounded corners, the Q10 has a more sophisticated shape. This makes it easier to hold than the Q5.
BlackBerry Q5 & Q10

The keyboards are completely different, and they both work just fine. The Q5 has the "Curve" design with separate keys, while the Q10 inherits the "Bold" design. The only difference I notice when typing is that the Q5 keys are somewhat louder.

If you only ever see the Q5 you will get the most affordable BlackBerry 10 device. However, if you ever touch a Q10 or Z10, you will want the other one. Let's look at current prices in Germany as sold by

I would not hesitate to buy the Z10 instead of the Q5. You get the bigger screen and the higher quality device. HDMI out for presentations and connecting a TV, more memory, removable battery. It's not even a contest. And yes, the onscreen keyboard does rival physical one.


The Design reminds me a lot of the Palm Pre Pixi I owned a couple years back. I like the simple "flat" hardware design especially in your last picture. But I remember the minor built quality from my Palm all too well, and your description suggests just the same for this Blackberry.

The Z10 looks really good also. It's sophisticated, understated and looks like it could be the Dark Knights phone of choice.

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2013-07-16

Welches Modell würdest Du empfehlen, um die Blackberry-Welt (OS10 oder 7) kostengünstig kennen zulernen. Q5 oder ein gebrauchter Bold 9900?

Marc Euler, 2013-07-16


Volker Weber, 2013-07-16

Emphasis auf kostengünstig :)

Marc Euler, 2013-07-16

Es sind zwei völlig verschiedene Welten. Lernen sollte man vielleicht die neuere. Also ein BlackBerry 10. Q5 ist das billigste. Aber für 40 Euro mehr kriegst Du das richtige.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-16

Vielen Dank!

Marc Euler, 2013-07-16


Die Tastatur des Q10 ist großartig, kann aber mangels Ctrl-Taste ihr Potential nicht voll entfalten. Die Bildschirmtastatur des Z10 ist allerdings auch großartig, und zwar derart, daß selbst ich als QWERTZ-Fan die zusätzlichen Bildfläche, die sie ermöglicht, oft gerne hätte. BB10 lässt sich darauf noch flüssiger bedienen, fühlt sich noch besser an und die Vorteile für Lesen und Filmkonsum sind offensichtlich. Und man bekommt die beste Bildschirmtastatur, die ich kenne. Für sich betrachtet ist das Q10 super, das beste Gesamtpaket aber ist das Z10.

Haiko Hebig, 2013-07-17

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