Skype on the Mac - Press Cmd-3

by Volker Weber


Nice tip! Thank you Volker.

Bruce Elgort, 2013-07-21

As I am a PC: may I ask what happens then?

Ingo Seifert, 2013-07-21

Du kriegst die alte schlanke Buddylist, ohne den ganzen Quatsch, den Skype seit Jahren dranschraubt.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-21

Ah, den Kompaktmodus. Ist immer das erste, was ich da einstelle.

Ingo Seifert, 2013-07-21

In my case it zips along to Desktop 3.. ?

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2013-07-22

very nice! Thank you!

Detlev Buschkamp, 2013-07-23

That doesn't seem to work with an keyboard that requires shift for numbers.
Actually I see that command-3 is the contacts monitor ? Compact but totally useless.
I had been on 2.8 for years till I had the upgrade since some my client didn't communicate with newer versions ...

Marc Vandenbroeck, 2013-08-01

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