WeMo on Android

by Volker Weber

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Tonight, Belkin has made a WeMo controller available for Android "phones on tablets". I can only install it on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Play Store says it is not compatible with the Nexus 7, which may be a small mistake in the store. It's clearly a 1.0 version, since it has great difficulties finding my switches and motion sensors.

For US customers, Belkin now offers a WeMo light switch, which is supported by IFTTT like the other components. WeMo also has new parameters for "when": Sunset and Sunrise. Next on my wish list is Sunset+minutes.


Would be great if they produced a thermostat switch.

Kieren Johnson, 2013-07-23

I am pretty sure they will. They already have a motion sensor, a baby phone, a web cam. There are so many things you can think of. Eventually, it will control all aspects of a home.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-23

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