by Volker Weber


Nokia phones with AMOLED displays have been able to show the time and other notifications while the screen was off. The 808 Pureview and the Lumia 925 for instance had this feature. With Lumia Amber, other phones with LCD get this feature as well. Always on, off, peek, and timed (15 minutes) are the options. The Peek setting turns on Glance with a gesture over the proximity sensor.

The photo shows a Lumia 925 and a 920 with Glance on.


The new Moto X has something like this only better called Active Display, you can read about it on Android Central, I really want one, shame I live in the UK :(

David Guillaume, 2013-08-07

No, you certainly don't want a Moto X.

Volker Weber, 2013-08-07

Glance on a phone with LCD will most likely consume more power.

The "night" mode is great. A bit like the nightstand mode on Blackberrys.

Oliver Barner, 2013-08-08

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