BlackBerry slashes BES licensing cost

by Volker Weber

Today we’re pleased to announce some exciting news for our enterprise customers: effective August 19, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 EMM Corporate Annual Client Access Licenses (CALs) will now be $19 MSRP a year, or less than $1.60 per month per device.

Time to update those business case spreadsheets.

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If Blackberry also did the same for their iOS and Android BES10 UDS device management licenses then they might make further progress. No company wants to manage multiple MDM solutions.

Andy Mell, 2013-08-20

The reduction of license costs affects EMM Corporate Annual CAL - which can be used to manage BlackBerry 10 (using BDS) and iOS/Android (Windows Phone is coming, too) using UDS.
CAL pricing for Secure Work Space (Container-solution for iOS/Android) doesn´t seem to have changed, too.

Bastian Anthon, 2013-08-21

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