I forgot my phone

by Volker Weber


Luckily it's not a real problem I have with my friends, however when being with other groups I sometimes think that there should be a mobilerack at the entrance of a house, just like a coatrack. I'd actually even offer free power ;-)

Martin Hiegl, 2013-08-25

Study: Facebook Use Predicts Declines in Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults

"These analyses indicated that Facebook use predicts declines in the two components of subjective well-being: how people feel moment to moment and how satisfied they are with their lives."


Timo Stamm, 2013-08-25

§yesterday (Sunday), i forgot my phone at home. it was quite a liberated feeling after the first moments of queasiness. the urge of checking the phone every few minutes to see if somebody had called... (no one called when I checked it later at home. the bike our with my kids was actually so much better like that. and the carnival on the lake shore helped too. CANDYCOTTON SUGAR HIGH!!!

CHris Frei, 2013-08-26

Exactly. Frueher war das Fernsehgeraet der Kommunikationskiller, heute blockiert das smart phone einen Gutteil zwischenmenschlicher Kontakte. Ignoranz on the go.

Juergen Heinrich, 2013-08-29

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