Microsoft buys Nokia's devices and services division

by Volker Weber

Is anybody surprised? I'm not.


I was only surprised by the (cheap) price.

Nicolai Reuschling, 2013-09-03

@Nicolai Reuschling - yes, Skype did cost 20% more.

Federico Hernandez, 2013-09-03

Well to be fair, they have had one of their guys running the price down over the last couple of years


Garry Lees, 2013-09-03

Didn't Elop say, he would not be the "trojan horse"???

Eckhard Eilers, 2013-09-03

Elop did only his job. Welcome the new CEO of Microsoft.

Karl Heindel, 2013-09-03

"I for one welcome our new overlords."
Ich hoffe, Nokia bleibt weiterhin der Stachel, der die Entwicklung von Windows Phone vorantreibt.

Martin Kautz, 2013-09-03

Also kann Microsoft jetzt auch Apple ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-09-03

Very sad day, anyway.

Christian Just, 2013-09-03

@Christian: Only, if you still sleep with a 3110 under your pillow. (I have one in mint condition :-) )

No, the real Nokia has vanished quite some time ago. So maybe it's high time to rename the remains.

Ingo Storm, 2013-09-03

Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern.

Thomas Langel, 2013-09-03

Ob der Thomas schicke Software und schicke Hardware meint? SCNR ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-09-04

The fact is that had Apple purchased Nokia I'd be pretty excited for the future. Thinking that MS has bought Nokia I'm just wondering how long before they mess it up.

In my view this graphic pretty much describes how I see it.

Courtesy of

Ian Bradbury, 2013-09-04

@ Ian: ive heard another statistics, that Android has a market share of nearly 80% worldwide. so it would be interesting to know what market your graphics cover.
Of course, the general picture would be same: Two Minions joining together.

CHris Frei, 2013-09-05

@ Chris. I picked up the image from a tweet by Luke Millar. (Like an idiot I got the link wrong in my post -

A little bit of research tracks back to...

So I'm guessing the numbers are correct. Of course - as I've often said - 80% of statistics are made up. So read what you will.

Ian Bradbury, 2013-09-06

@ Ian: only believe the statistics that You made up yourself. A wise snippet of information that I follow carefully. :)

CHris Frei, 2013-09-06

Good for you - how many shares did you buy?

Dieter Baum, 2013-09-07

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