Marshall Stanmore - play it loud

by Volker Weber


Marshall introduced a new stereo speaker at IFA. It looks like a Marshall amp, but you can't connect a guitar.


It has four inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5 mm, Cinch, TOSlink. There is no external power brick. You just need a regular two prong lead.


The knobs and the switch feel like the real thing. Marshall says the Stanmore was designed to sound great at high volumes. Max power consumption is 200 W, and the output peaks at 80 W. This should be plenty.

How does it sound? I have no idea. The venue did not lend itself to a good test and I don't have a Stanmore. But it certainly looks cool.

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The controls do NOT go to eleven! :-(

Jörg Hermann, 2013-09-07

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