Nokia Wireless Car Charging Holder

by Volker Weber


When I first saw pictures of the Nokia Wireless Car Charging Holder, I was a bit sceptic, to put it mildly. How is it wireless, when you need to run a cable to it. And it looked quite bulky. Anyway, last week on my way to Berlin I could try it out, and I am completely sold.

The marketing material says you can attach the holder to your dashboard, but of course it works even better on the windshield. The suction cup is very very sticky, unlike most other models I have seen. It's hard to pull off, even if not engaged. It never fell off, not even from curved surfaces. No matter how you attached it, you can adjust the part holding the phone, just as you like it. When the suction cup is engaged, there is nothing protruding from the base. Very clean.


The base that holds the phone has a connector for a thin wire that runs to your cigarette lighter or 12V outlet. The plug itself has an additional USB port so you don't give up that outlet for just the holder. Nokia provides an extension cable and a number of brackets in case you want to hide the power cable and keep it from making any noise in the dashboard.

The base plate is a Qi charger, so it is able to charge all compatible phones, not only the Nokia. You touch NFC base before putting the phone in and it will start your selected application. Here you see the car mode app, which gives you quick access to Drive, Music and a short list of numbers you want to call while riding.

When you place the phone on the plate you squeeze both sides so that they hold the phone. It adjust to all phones that I have. To release it you grab the phone above the brackets and push a large recessed button on the back, which ever so gently releases the brackets. It does not snap open with a loud bang like those el cheapo holders do. It's a quality experience.


So, why am I sold? This thing basically holds all my phones and it will charge the ones that have Qi charging backs, no matter where the plug is (920 at the bottom, 925 at the top). I don't have to attach and detach wires when putting it in. And, this holder isn't only expensive, it also feels that way.

The car I was traveling in had a 3500 Eur satnav. But I used the phone instead. Much better maps*, better traffic information, and finally, a good screen mount.

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*) Die neue Autobahn bei Eisenach etwa fehlte immer noch.


Danke, Volker. Ich liebäugle schon einige Zeit für Madames Auto damit, dort ist momentan eine stromlose Halterung verbaut.
Für mein Auto bevorzuge ich aufgrund der Integration aber doch das eingebaute Navi (mit 2013er Karten). Vielleicht ändert sich das ja mit Bandit...

Hubert Stettner, 2013-09-10

Die "neue Autobahn bei Eisenach", die Umfahrung der Hörselberge, wurde Anfang September 2010 eröffnet. Eine Navi, die das noch nicht drin hat, ist wohl tatsächlich veraltet ...
Darüber hinwegtrösten könnte vielleicht, dass man diese rund 23 km bei trockener und freier Strecke - sogar ganz ohne Navi ;-) - "mit dem Fuß in der Ölwanne" fahren kann ... die leicht überhöhten Kurven sind ein Traum der Straßenbaukunst und suchen in Deutschland ihresgleichen ... über bisher erzielte Tachowerte schweigt des Sängers Höflichkeit :)

Stephan Perthes, 2013-09-10

Haben will. 2x.

Ingo Seifert, 2013-09-10

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