CleanMyMac 2

by Volker Weber


I have been a happy CleanMyDrive user for more than a year. Now MacPaw has released another must-have app. CleanMyMac 2 removes the junk you don't really see from your Mac harddrive. Within minutes I had freed up more than 10 GB on my MacBook SSD. On the iMac it was more than 100 GB.

It's not cheap. But disk space on an SSD comes at a premium. Recommended.

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Using CleanMyMac for over 2 years now. It still finds trash, when it is reminding me to run it from time to time.
Uninstalling Apps (and their stuff they would leave if just deleted) is another pleasure.

Thomas Langel, 2013-09-13

Kann mich dem Tipp nur anschliessen. Nicht ganz billig das Tool, aber es findet noch Reste wo die normale Zahnnbürste nicht hinkommt. Mit dem Code "ACTIONOVER12" gibt es noch ein paar Prozente Nachlass beim Kauf.

Marco Simon, 2013-09-16

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