I'm loving it

by Volker Weber


And just like that we have a bunch of new machines. iOS 7 is a welcome update and a breath of fresh air. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a review, some I am not going to add to that. Just a link to some nice new features you may be missing.

Today is a good day for Apple customers. You were just handed a new iPhone or iPad.


Lovin it - best of all worlds ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-09-19

Would you recommend upgrading an iPhone 4 (non S) to iOS 7 or did you even try yourself? I'm a little hesitant as I'd expect some performance issues moving forward with the upgrade.

Any real life experiences here amongst the followers?

Henning Wriedt, 2013-09-19

Tested it on several (previously wiped) iPhone 4 (without S). Well, it is a mixed bag, it tends to be a little slow sometimes but it usable and should be OK. Thing is that an upgraded, old, cluttered installation might be slower...

You could, of course, get a brand new Lumia! Always fast and fluid. Sorry, wrong station (SCNR) ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-09-19

Hubert, thanks for your feedback. The following article seems to describe that pretty accurately then:


I think I'll wait and maybe get a Lumia soon - main reason for not switching are the connectors I have in cars etc. for the iPhone. So no upgrade to 5 either.

Henning Wriedt, 2013-09-19

I just updated to ios7 and my initial reaction was, "my god I hate the way this looks". Regardless of the virtues of the underlying software improvements visually it looks both cheap and childlike. I thought to myself what happened to my ADULT IPad and why did they replace it with a CHILD'S TOY. Additionally, it now looks A LOT like an Android screen which is sad because Apple used to lead the market and not follow it competitors. Practically, in use the flatter, more streamlined icons and white on white screens are harder to use as there is less contrast by which to recognize where boundaries between Apps. I really wish Apple would have provided the update with the option of the new childlike Android look or the now classic IOS look. Yeah, I hate this and will not update my other devices any time soon.

Anastasia Beaverhausen, 2013-09-19

Anastasia, you sure have an opinion. Maybe you just need a few weeks.

Volker Weber, 2013-09-19

There might be some more reasons not to switch to iOS7:


An ID Chip in (Power) cable? Manufactors need a license to build cheaper cables and accessories?

Thanx Apple, i am no longer interested in buying your products....

Roland Dressler, 2013-09-20

Guten Morgen. War der Zaunpfahl, mit dem Apple gewunken hat, zu dünn?

Volker Weber, 2013-09-20

I agree with Volker, the update is a real refresh for the device. The design is OK for me and sometimes makes better use of the Screen-real-estate. Performance (iPhone 5) is the same and so far no stability issues.
But there is one thing that immediately annoyed me. Why do I now have to swipe from right to left to delete an email? I don't understand that Change. Well, will get used to it I guess.

Sascha Mohr, 2013-09-20

Just updated my partly-dead iPhone 4 (now mainly being used as a Sonos Controller).

I have the same impression like Anastasia. The UI design looks strange to me, too flat, eye stressing, not enough differentiating between control elements and content.
For my personal taste, the removal of skeuomorphisms was much too excessive. Why shouldn't the shutter in the camera app look like a shutter? These two circles look primitive, as if I used an early design mock up for a UI...
Maybe I just have to get accustomed, but this is the first time that Apple UI design seems to me like a step back (with the exception of removing colors in icons in one of the later OS X version changes which I still don't like as well).

I think I'll wait some time until there's real necessity to update my iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd Gen.
Apple, a "classic" UI mode would be nice! Fully agree!

Howeever, I admit there's some nice changes (photo organisation, control center) I'd like to use.

P.S. Is the photo app finally syncing properly (i.e. all selected photos, not a subset) photos between iTunes and iOS devices?

Sven Bühler, 2013-09-20

Ich konnte mich schon durch eine beta-iOS7-Installation auf dem iPad mini an das neue Design gewöhnen und es quasi mit der iOS6-Installation auf dem iPhone vergleichen. Ein paar Features habe ich dann nach weniger Zeit auf dem iPhone 4S vermisst. Zusammen mit Mavericks auf dem MacBook Pro ist iOS7 für mich eine sehr sinnvolle Entwicklung.

Es gibt allerdings immer noch viele Ungereimtheiten in der UI-Nutzung von iOS7. Vor allem welche, die schon seit langem bekannt sind und die sehr viele Nutzer als störend empfinden (man findet ja ganz leicht tausende Foreneinträge dazu). Bspw. die Fotos-App, bei der man immer das Foto im Detail aufrufen muss, um es zu löschen. Oder die häufig fehlende "zurück" Funktion, wenn man innerhalb einer App einen Link aufruft und in einer anderen App landet (oder ähnliche Szenarien).

Schade, dass Apple da scheinbar nicht auf das Feedback der Nutzer reagiert.

Thomas Langel, 2013-09-21

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