5 Levels of SONOS addiction

by Volker Weber

Level 0: Male

You have a media room with surround sound, huge speakers, fat amp. Components and TV set up at one end of the room, sofas facing the shrine.

Level 0: Female

You have a sound dock that is actually quite good. However, you have to let go of your iPhone to hear music. Apple replaces the 30pin connector so you have to dust off that old iPod.

Level 1: Novice

You have a "real stereo" in your living room. You buy your first PLAY:3 for the bedroom and add a CONNECT to your stereo. You leave your stereo on at all times, so you can control both the bedroom and the living room through your phone.

Level 2: First sign of the Sonos flu

You add a PLAY:1 to the kitchen and another one to the bathroom. You program the alarms to wake you up Mon-Fri with your favorite music. Music is on almost throughout the day. You forget about your CD collection. Instead you subscribe to Spotify.

Level 3: Building it out

You add a PLAYBAR to your TV. You switch off the old stereo since you no longer need it. You add a SUB to the living room. Your stereo collects dust, since PLAYBAR+SUB blows it out of the water. Your neighbors start asking if you got a new stereo. You smile.

Level 4: Serious SONOS flu

You try to find more places in your home that need a player. You move the stereo to the basement and wire up your CONNECT there.

Level 5: Nirvana

You try to sell your old school stereo at a garage sale. Friends borrow your CONNECT. You throw out the kitchen radio. You smile when you think about the Level 0 Male who still lives in the last millennium.

Level 5+: Addicted

You run out of power outlets.


Level 5+

Markus Dierker, 2013-10-20

Level 4

John Keys, 2013-10-20

Entering Level 2 :)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-10-20

Level -1 ... Logitech speakers on the desk and a cheap Sony stereo in the living room ;-( oh, X-mas coming up :-)

Stefan Heinz, 2013-10-20

Entering at least level 3 if some prerequisites are met ;)...

Ingo Seifert, 2013-10-20

Level 6: Fanboy

You write "real stereo" in inverted commas.


Kai Scharwacht, 2013-10-20

That is part of level 3.

Volker Weber, 2013-10-20

Level 3.

Oliver Regelmann, 2013-10-20

Level 5. Still try to find more places in my home that need a player. :-)

Alexander Kluge, 2013-10-20

Almost 5. Anyone needs a Sony stereo with huge speakers including surround?
Only missing the play:1's (backorder)

Vince Schuurman, 2013-10-20

Level 5+,

you forgot the kids rooms, you start with Play 3 and end up with 2 Play 3 or 2 Play 5, the left over Play 3 goes to the work room in the cellar. The Play 1 came to late, but perfect for the next kids room.

Wolfram Votteler, 2013-10-21

Level 4 but Level 5 is near.

Thomas Koester, 2013-10-21

Entering Level 3 :-)

Gaston Annebicque, 2013-10-21

having an older configuration, I still have the Zone Players and old controllers. anyone fancy an early xmas gift? Just kidding.
as the kids grow older though, they will get 1's or 3's in the near future. so for me its old school fanboy with the possibility of running out of power outlets.

CHris Frei, 2013-10-21

Level Null: Doesn't want to live in an elevator, with musik playing all the time.

Craig Wiseman, 2013-10-21

L0. If I'm listening to music, it's not in the background. The exception is the gym, where it's a Koss KSC75 and some flavor of Android. That said, it would be cool to have NFC recognize me as I enter a room and play my intro theme!

I do see how it could be addicting for the completist music lover to move his media room from space to space. Sonos seems to be quite good at that.

Mike McPoyle, 2013-10-21

When you wrote "You smile when you think about the Level 1 Male who still lives in the last millennium.", I think you meant Level 0 Male since Level 0 is the only one that has separate gender entries.

And yes, I am proudly a Level 0 Male. That said, my 600+ CD's are ripped to FLAC and accessible on my home network from my S3 via JRiver's Gizmo app. And instead of subscribing to Spotify, I subscribe to classicalarchives.com. And I was greatly surprised by how much better my music sounds when converted from D to A via my Oppo Digital BDP -103 instead of the inexpensive DAC in my old CD player.

So I guess that makes me a Level 0 male who has a few toes in this millennium.

Timothy Briley, 2013-10-21

Thank you, Timothy. Fixed that. It is indeed the Level 0 Male.

Volker Weber, 2013-10-22

Level 2 without Level 1.

Ralph Rost, 2013-10-23

Gibt es eigentlich Neuigkeiten hinsichtlich des Windows Phone und Windows RT Supports?

Frank Köhler, 2013-11-03

At the beginning of level 3. (No Sub)
But as the new Sonos Software will support playing music over the surround speakers at full level, a 5.1 setup makes more sense now. So the sub is not that far away...

Torsten Armbruster, 2014-04-02

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