What's in my bag

by Volker Weber


Nokia Lumia 1020, plus camera grip, plus (slightly taller) tripod. That's all I need for photos and videos. This thing alone would be all I need to get the job done. Photos and videos upload to Skydrive to be shared with my fellow editors.


Don't want to run out of juice. So I am carrying a couple of those to keep the Lumia happy. If you shoot videos for hours on end, you will run down the battery.


The external batteries also power the travel router. Stick it to the end of an ethernet wire, power it through USB and your home network tags along. No pesky setup required. Much better than an Airport Express which requires a power outlet.


I don't travel without a BlackBerry. It charges with the same power supply as the Lumia. This is a 5" Z30 and there is a second one at home. BBM Video works better than anything else, and BBM Audio provides better audio calls than the carrier does. Plus, calls are free. If I did not need the Lumia camera, this would be the only equipment to bring.


The Lenovo Yoga 11 is the typewriter and entertainment center. It converts from laptop to tablet and provides backup options in case some of the other plans fail. It's now on Windows 8.1 RT. Skydrive syncs all files for offline use right into the Yoga storage.


So no Apple kit at all any more then?

Matt White, 2013-10-20

Not for these kind of gigs. An iPad isn't useful if you want to connect non-Apple gear, and a MacBook does not have touch.

Volker Weber, 2013-10-20


This is not supposed to be sarcastic at all: But do you have enough counterparts that have a BB10 machine and are able to use BBM Audio or Video?

Peter Daum, 2013-10-21

Kann man mit dem Belkin Travel Router auch ein WLAN teilen oder geht das nur per LAN?

Abdelkader Boui, 2013-10-21

Nur ein LAN

Volker Weber, 2013-10-21

Wenn es den Belkin Travel Router auch mit UMTS gäbe, hätte ich ihn mir auch zugelegt. So schleppe ich weiter sowohl einen Huawei E5 UMTS Hotspot als auch einen Apple Airport Express mit mir herum.

Norbert Tretkowski, 2013-10-22

Volker: Thanks for sharing. However, I am surprised that you carry the Z30 when there is already the Lumia 1020 in your bag. The hardware seems similar enough to me (rather heavy devices with large touch screens). If you require a BB, why don't you prefer the Q10 with its excellent keyboard? The downside of the smaller screen should not matter as you have the Lumia for everything that calls for a larger screen (photo, video, etc.).

Jochen Kattoll, 2013-10-24

The keyboard on the Z30 is equally excellent. I bring a different phone to have a backup. Often BBM works better than Skype. This time, BBM video did not work at all. Skype it was.

Volker Weber, 2013-10-24

Wasn't there something about BBM (video) being blocked in UAE?

Abdelkader Boui, 2013-10-24

Quite possible. I did not pay attention before leaving. Otherwise I might have left BB behind and taken the iPhone as a backup instead.

Volker Weber, 2013-10-24

Just checked and it looks like BBM Voice and Video are both blocked in the UAE.

Abdelkader Boui, 2013-10-24

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