Returning the Pebble

by Volker Weber


Spent another few days with a Pebble, just after the update for iOS 7 notifications came out. Now you can get all banner notifications from your iPhone, no matter which app displays them. Before the update you were limited to texts and emails.

This is a very cool companion to an iPhone or an Android, if you want to be alerted what's going on, and when it's happening. However, this is not how I work. First of all, I don't wear a watch. I do have a number of nice watches, but I find myself not wearing them. Even without looking at a watch I know the time, with a quarter of an hour precision. That is good enough most of the time, and if not I check the Lumia Glance screen or the Mac watch in the upper right. I have also switched off most notifications, including the phone ringing, so I can work on stuff without interruptions.

Having said that, while traveling, I find the Pebble very convenient. I don't have to get my phone out, I won't ever miss a call, and I can even reject it from the watch, without looking. The Pebble can vibrate and quite strongly so. It's a bit like wearing my Voyager headset, without being so "in your face" about it. Bonus point: it does not require a daily recharge.

Editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award? No. But that's only me. I can see why you would want one.


If you're returning it to a drawer, I know someone that would like one of those watches...

Thanks for your honest opinion of this watch, as well as your other reviews. I may not be able to buy everything that you review, I do enjoy your honesty in your reviews.

Ray Bilyk, 2013-11-15

Ray, I am returning it to its rightful owner, who took it off his arm to let me play with it.

Volker Weber, 2013-11-15

I usually do wear a watch. Sometimes it's the watch that I use with the heart monitor whilst exercising. Somtimes it's a cheap Timex digital with a plastic band that is water proof and functions very reliably. Sometimes it's been what looks like a nice watch, but is just a gold *appearing* watch that I bought in an airport 15-20 years ago for US$50. But now (for a week or so), it is most often the Pebble. I need to use it for at least a month before I feel I'll have a solid base of experience for how I use it. But so far, I like it. I like it a lot :)

Joe Litton, 2013-11-16

I've had my Pebble since March. I use it with a NATO style nylon watch band which is comfortable. I had stopped wearing watches a few years ago since I always have my phone. It's handy to be able to see text messages and phone calls without pulling out my phone. Turning on the backlight with a flick of the wrist works well. Would be nice if the battery life was longer but 7-10 days is tolerable. So far it's my favorite Kickstarter project.

Bob Congdon, 2013-11-16

As a watch fiend, I like all of my watches. I find myself wearing the Pebble most during work days to get all the alerts (it does far more than text and phone) against my Android phone. As you say, it saves effort. With a side app that is freely available I can even send standard text replies when I am in meetings without touching my phone. A great help.

As they continue to upgrade the capabilities I am hoping for a few more tricks but not too much from this device. The next leap is the watches that are truly smartphones which seems a bit much to me still.

Chris Miller, 2013-11-16

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