Instagram makes it to Windows Phone

by Volker Weber

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Lots of people have been asking for Instagram on Windows Phone and Nokia promised it a month ago in Abu Dhabi. Now it's available in beta. You can find me here at

This is quite an early beta. No videos, no tagging people, only branches out to Windows Phone Camera, not to Nokia Camera. It does however work with my workflow. Shoot a photo with Nokia Camera, then post it through Instagram, possibly into Facebook or Twitter.

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Intesting comment from one "norbert h styles" on a related article on The Register:

"Windows Phone Instagram app probably paid for by MS
I'm an app developer working on iOS and the two times that i have worked projects where there was Windows Phone port, Microsoft paid for the development. This included a player for UK broadcaster and a health app.

Of course the Android and iOS were paid for from the organisations' own funds and were much more fully featured and updated."

Ben Rose, 2013-11-21

That's an interesting world view. Depending on who pays the developer, the first beta will have a different feature set. Stuff takes time. Instagram became available on Android in April 2012, after being launched on iPhone October 2010. I am sure Windows Phone will catch up with more betas to come. Meanwhile we have 6tag.

Joe Belfiore ( has an interesting tweet: "Hey press guys... someday one of you will write the real story of how we got each of these apps. The actual truth will be fun to read. :)" According to his job description he may have better insights than Internet commenter "norbert h styles".

You know what would make me happy? If Sonos got their act together with a modern Windows controller. For 8, RT and WP.

Volker Weber, 2013-11-21

When Sonos first announced the iOS app, obviously there were request for other platforms. BlackBerry had a big user base back then, but it never happened. Lots of requests for Windows mobile too.

If Sonos had developed a Windows mobile app back then, would it work now? Is there backwards compatibility on those platforms?

For iOS and Android they've just had to keep updating the same apps. I'm not familiar with Windows mobile, would the same be the case? Or would the Windows Mobile apps have to be ditched completely with a full rewrite for Windows Phone?

I've always got the feeling that the Windows mobile platforms changed too quickly for anybody to commit to a buy-in, much the same as BlackBerry ditched OS6/7 compatible apps and went with rip and replace OS 10.

Obviously it's possible and, as Sonos grows and gains sufficient resources, I'm sure it will happen - as long as Microsoft don't keep moving the goalposts.

Ben Rose, 2013-11-21

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