Wireless charging on the go

by Volker Weber


This a portable wireless Qi charging plate DC-50. You just place your phone on top of the plate and it starts charging. No wires. How does the plate recharge its own battery? You place it on top of a Qi wireless charger:


Easy enough. You can also put the charging plate on the wireless charger and then stack the phone on top of the charging plate. In fact, you can stack up to four charging plates on the charger and they will all top off.

Not carrying a wireless charger? No problem. Top it off over MicroUSB:


Staying at a hotel while traveling with the charging plate and a USB charger? Plug it in, keep the charging plate connected and put it on your night stand. Leave the phone on the charging plate. Both will be fully charged in the morning. And you can pick up the phone anytime without it being tethered to the wall.

Capacity? I have no idea. But it's 150 g and mostly battery. I am guessing it is good for one full recharge.

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Inductive charging of batteries is very nice..but not very efficient

Jesper Kiaer, 2013-11-26

It is a convenience feature much like power steering or an automatic transmission. You can do without, but once you have experienced it, there is no going back.

Volker Weber, 2013-11-26

I never thought I'd see the day when we have a wireless charger that we spend time charging inefficiently, just so we can charge another wireless device with it inefficiently.

Mike McPoyle, 2013-11-26

nokia.com shows more, among others the capacity, which they list with 2400 mAh.

This is enough for more than a full charge of the Lumia 1020 (2000 mAh battery), but not enough to completely recharge a Lumia 1520 (3400 mAh battery).

Thore Bosk, 2013-11-26

Das ist ja keine Frage der Energieeffizenz bzw. des Wirkungsgrad des Laders, sondern des Gesamtwirkungsgrads. Und der ist beim drahtlosen Laden wegen Wegfalls der Stöpselei ungleich höher als bei klassischen Ladern.

Haiko Hebig, 2013-11-26

Haiko, die Effizienzanmerkungen sind nicht technisch. Das ist Advocacy.

Volker Weber, 2013-11-26

This is awesome. And it comes in colors.

Eric Hancock, 2013-11-27

2,400mAh, by the way. I will buy one when it is available in the U.S.

Eric Hancock, 2013-11-27

I can not care less about efficiency. It works great and I don't want to miss it again. Ever.

You can have it now for your iOS device as well:

Alfons Berger, 2013-12-02

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