My perfect picture frame

by Volker Weber


Apple just did something really stupid. They removed the picture frame feature from iOS 7. Until iOS 6 you could set up your iPad in a dock and have it display all your photos while charging. The only weird thing was that iPad only looks good when docked in portrait mode.

Enter the Microsoft Surface. It does not even need a dock since it has a kickstand. And it comes with a nice picture frame feature which lets you display all photos from a number of folders you select. I just chose the camera roll from Skydrive. All photos are uploaded there, from iPhone and Lumia. And with that, Surface is the only computer in the house not allowed to sleep.

And as it conveniently sits at the end of the table, it gets used every time somebody wants to look up something on the Internet. Which happens a lot.

Do you have an unused Surface RT? I trade you a spanking new BlackBerry Z10 which has never been activated.


One option is to go to 'Photos', activate the rectangle with the vertical arrow and choose 'slideshow'. With 'iPhoto' it is possible to have more complex slideshows. However both are cumbersome compared to a one-touch activation on Sleep mode.

Andreas Muth, 2013-12-03

I got stung too when I upgraded to iOS7. I now rely on third party apps (such as airframe, picmatic, calm frame) to fulfil this need. Although you can't launch any third party app via the lock screen.

J Yongsinka, 2013-12-10

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